Hello from CraftCubs!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a tale of a girl and three bears. No this isn't about Goldilocks! I would love to share the origin story behind CraftCubs.

Meet the inspiration behind CraftCubs: Big Brother Bear (right), Sister Bear(left) and baby bear Jeremy Bearimy - or Bear for short(middle)!

I received my first machine as a gift in 2014, and jumped right into trying to sew for myself. But...nothing fits, everything was fraying (I never heard of an overlocker back then!) and zig zag stitches and FML did I just ripped a massive hole down the front while trying to unpick that seam. I found it a super frustrating experience overall and chalked the machine up to be a useless but well meaning gift, a white elephant that I take out on display whenever my friends visit so as not to hurt their feelings.

When I moved overseas for work a couple of years, I was bored all the time. You guys, I was actually looking forward to going to work just to be able to talk to someone. Being more introverted, I found it hard to go out and just say hi to a random stranger. On a whim, I googled sewing classes in the city and signed up for a couple different ones hoping to meet some girl friends. And as cliché as this sounds, I found something better (though my new friends were just as amazing!) - a newfound love for sewing!

I learnt to draft patterns for myself (my teacher was an ex-tailor). Yay I made clothes that fit, and more importantly: looked store bought! I Googled and made my cubs matching outfits. I learnt to make cute bags to gift that my friends fawn over (major ego boost that one *winks*). And the final seal of approval: My mom who was sceptical of me learning to sew started requesting for bags to gift to her friends! Sewing became my favourite thing to do, and reading sewing blogs made my commute to work so much better.

When I moved back to Austral