Easy Pleated Face Mask Pattern (Optional Nose Wire and Filter Pocket)

Updated: May 13, 2020

I recently posted a free face mask pattern with a contrast trim and elastic ties here, but what if you don't have any elastic on hand you ask? Well fret not, the cubs have decided to write up another Easy Face Mask Pattern (without a contrast fabric) with fabric ties instead!

Materials needed:

1) 1 piece of Main fabric: 9 x 16 inches

2) 4 pieces of fabric tie fabric: 1.5 x 18 inches

3) 3-4cm flexible wire (I used a pipe cleaner from Bunnings!)

If you would prefer elastics:

1) 1 piece Main Fabric 9cm x 16cm

2) 2 pieces 6.5cm Elastic

3) 3-4cm piece of flexible wire

Step A: Prepare the fabric ties

1. With wrong sides together, fold down one of the short edges by 1/4 inches. Press flat.

2. With wrong sides together, fold in half along the long edge. Press flat to mark the midline.

3. Open up the fabric tie piece, and fold the long edges towards the midline. Press flat.